Emerging Technologies in Crown Dentistry

December 1, 2023

Have you ever wondered what emerging technologies are available for crown dentistry? At Westfield Smiles, we are proud to offer the latest in crown dentistry technology, from 3D printing to CAD/CAM systems, to ensure that your smile is as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Digital Crown Fabrication

The emergence of digital crown fabrication has been a major breakthrough in the world of crown dentistry. Digital crown fabrication is a process that uses advanced 3D imaging technology to create a precise mold of a patient's teeth. This mold is then used to create a customized crown that fits perfectly in the patient's mouth. The result is a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing crown that lasts longer than traditional crowns.

Digital crown fabrication has revolutionized the way crowns are made, and it has also made them more affordable. One of the most popular types of digital crowns is the Transformative Lithium Disilicate Dental Crowns. These crowns are made from a high-strength material that is incredibly durable and can be customized to fit the patient's individual needs. They are also highly resistant to staining and discoloration, making them an ideal choice for those who want to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. To learn more about the benefits of Transformative Lithium Disilicate Dental Crowns, click here.

CAD/CAM Crowns

CAD/CAM crowns are an emerging technology in the dental field that offer a more efficient and cost-effective way to create custom crowns. These crowns are made using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology, which allows for a precise fit and a more aesthetically pleasing result. CAD/CAM crowns are typically made of porcelain or zirconia, both of which are strong and durable materials that can last for many years.

CAD/CAM crowns are becoming increasingly popular in crown dentistry due to their accuracy and time-saving benefits. They can be used to replace missing teeth, repair cracked or damaged teeth, and restore the natural look of the smile. For those looking for a more efficient way to restore their smile, CAD/CAM crowns may be the ideal solution. To learn more about CAD/CAM crowns, Explore Westfield Smiles dental crown service page.

3D Printing in Crown Dentistry

3D printing has revolutionized the field of crown dentistry, allowing for incredibly precise and custom crowns to be printed quickly and cost-effectively. This technology has enabled dentists to create crowns that are more aesthetically pleasing and that fit better than ever before, while also reducing the time and cost associated with traditional crown fabrication methods. 3D printing has also enabled dentists to offer same-day crowns, eliminating the need for multiple appointments and reducing patient wait times.

Chairside Crowns

Crowns are a great way to restore damaged teeth and are increasingly being made using emerging technologies. Chairside crowns are produced in the dental office, using advanced digital scanning and milling technologies. This eliminates the need for traditional impressions and lab-created crowns, providing patients with a convenient and comfortable experience. Chairside crowns are also highly accurate, and offer a more natural look and feel than other crowns.

Digital Impressions for Crowns

Digital impressions are a revolutionary new technology that is revolutionizing the way dentists create crowns. This technology uses a digital scanner to take a 3D image of the patient's mouth and teeth, allowing for more precise and accurate measurements. Digital impressions also eliminate the need for traditional impressions, which can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for patients. Digital impressions are becoming increasingly popular in crown dentistry, as they provide faster, more accurate results with less patient discomfort.


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